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Eating With A Mask

Everyone is adjusting to life wearing a mask ALL THE TIME. This is especially difficult when you work at a nursing home and have to be extra careful to handle your PPE correctly.  When you take a break (and you deserve it!), there are a few things to consider so that you do not ruin the hard work you put in all day to protect your residents and yourself. Take a look at this quick video to see how to handle your mask when eating.

Leader Implementation Tips:

Provide your staff with brown paper bags or plastic storage containers that can be cleaned so they can properly store their masks during breaks

Make sure hand hygiene stations are easily accessible inside or outside of the break room

Consider having a box of masks in the break room so staff can get a new mask if their old one is soiled

Staff Top 3 Things to Remember:

  • Completely remove your mask before eating and store it in a paper bag, or on a paper towel on the table – clean the table after you are finished
  • Wash your hands after removing your mask
  • If your mask is soiled, dispose of it and get a new one

Changing gloves between residents

Life is busy in the nursing home, but it’s important to protect your residents and yourself. Changing gloves between resident care episodes is essential for stopping the spread of infection.

Leader Implementation Tips:

Make sure gloves are stocked and have needed sizes available

Ensure hand hygiene stations are refilled frequently and in clear view of staff

Continue to positively reinforce and model the appropriate use of gloves

Staff Top 3 Things to Remember:

  • Gloves transfer germs just like hands…except you don’t wash them.  Stop the spread by CHANGING them often.
  • Wash your hands at the sink or with hand sanitizer between glove changes
  • Change your gloves between resident care episodes or any time you think they are dirty

Take the Time for PPE

Life in the nursing home is fast and everyone has a lot to do. It is very tempting to take shortcuts to speed us along. Unfortunately, infectious diseases take advantage of our shortcuts and can wreak havoc on us and our patients. Taking a little time to wear the right PPE can make a huge difference!

Leader Implementation Tips:

Clearly label when residents are in isolation

Make sure isolation carts are stocked and staff know what is in them

Communicate with staff about availability and policies for using PPE

Staff Top 3 Things to Remember:

  • When in doubt while entering an isolation room, don all PPE.
  • When you remove your gown, wrap it up as you take it off and away from you before throwing it away.
  • Taking time for PPE now protects residents and yourself

Break Room

In the fast pace of the nursing home, it is essential to take your break in order to rest and recharge. However, oftentimes the breakroom can be a place where infection spreads due to staff dropping their guard. Taking a few steps to ensure proper precautions during much needed relaxation can protect you and your residents!

Leader Implementation Tips:

Ensure high touch areas are sanitized regularly

Place signage around breakroom to remind staff about distancing

Make face masks available to be changed after break

Staff Top 3 Things to Remember:

  • Wear your mask at all times, except while eating
  • DO NOT wear gowns into breakroom
  • Stay 6 feet away from each other

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