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Implementation of a novel, tested nurse role in nursing homes


Proven Systems to Transform Nursing Home Care

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Our RN based care model is a result of a $30 million Medicare Demonstration project focused on improving quality and reducing hospitalizations from long term care facilities.

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Our model is the result of an eight-year, $30 million demonstration project to uncover the challenges facing the extended care facility industry and create systematic processes to revolutionize nursing home care.


The Post-Acute and Long Term Care Industry Is Changing

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Industry Challenges

  • Poor provider to provider communication
  • Penalties for avoidable rehospitalization
  • Federal to State disparities in care requirements
  • New Medicare and Medicaid payment structures
  • Changing quality metrics

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Staffing Challenges

  • High turnover in care facilities
  • Small staff teams
  • Staff burnout from overwork
  • Lack of skilled health professionals in place to address care needs in facilities
  • No time for mentorship or skilled training

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Patient Challenges

  • Unnecessary rehospitalization
  • High out of pocket expenses
  • Delayed treatment for acute symptoms
  • Missed critical follow-up care treatment
  • Lack of personalized care


A Comprehensive, Data-driven, Proprietary System Focused on Treating Patients in Place


A Comprehensive, data-driven, proprietary System to Address the Challenges Facing Extended Care Facilities

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Forward-Thinking Care Facilities Are Transforming Their Processes. Will You?

We’re optimistic about the future of post-acute and long term care. Through years of research and hands-on experience, we found the systematic solution for solving some of the most complex problems facing care facilities today:

Hands-on, Patient-Focused Care

Evidence-Based Chronic Care Management

Fewer Avoidable Rehospitalizations

Palliative and Supportive Care

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